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Why Choose Us?

Why Shop with My Childrens Bedroom Furniture?

Low Prices

Unlike most companies we are constantly updating our prices to ensure you pay the least amount possible on our items.  We don’t overcharge and try to win their business back by offering a 110% price match like many other companies do.  Instead we scour the internet every month, updating our prices, and do what takes customers many hours to do, (finding the lowest possible price online and beating it).  We also match the prices of our competitors on all items up to our breakeven point if they somehow beat our price. After matching a price we make changes to our website so future customers can benefit!


We go beyond the words” customer service” and deliver the best possible service you can ever imagine.  Most companies waste your time with their automatic answering machine or customer service reps who are overseas and know very little about the products they sell.  We know our products and can give you the help you need before purchasing a product.  Trust us, give us a call today and see how amazing it is to experience real customer service. This is the reason why our business is so successful!  Even after you purchase a product our great customer service does not stop there!  We are 100% committed to giving you the best possible experience possible. We will try to help you whether you order from us or not!


When adding furniture to our website we take two things into consideration before adding the products. They are: Quality and Price!  We strive to deliver to our customers the highest quality furniture at the best prices so you can do more with your money!  


We strive to give our customers a very large selection of kids furniture so that you can find exactly what you are looking for at the best prices possible!  We are constantly talking to new manufacturers about adding their products so that you can have even more products to choose from!

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